The Mac Bandwagon

There’s a Mac Bandwagon… And i’ve jumped on it. It was inevitable… As a designer, you’re not credible unless you own a Mac. I was getting by with an 2003 model iMac - but who was I fooling, I was doing all my work on a PC. I’m still getting used to all it’s gimmicky features.

Useless things i’ve installed:
- Macsaber : turns your macbook into a light sabre using the motion detector.
- IArlertU: locks up your mac. If anyone attempts to move or pick it up, a loud siren will go off and the computer will take a picture of you and send it to an email.
- iSpazz: Turns your keyboard into a graphic equalizer
- Smackbook Pro: Lets you smack your monitor to change screens.

That’s about it for now. The isight webcam in the monitor is great though sometimes I like to show people my screen via webcam but can’t.

Here’s a macsaber vid for your enjoyment

Woodgrain Toshiba - you have served me well but now you must take the back seat…

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