Pyscho Powers


I was hanging out with my friend Scott on earlier this week. He somehow knows how to foreshadow real life.

We went to the Casbah to see a band by the name of Aerial Pink because we heard they were good from who we thought were reliable sources. The band started by playing psychedelic sounds and talking about random things. So Scott says to me (we were way too far for the kid to even hear), “what does this kid know about anything?”. The kid responds, “I know I may not have been there, but i have friends who’s parents were there”.

The next day, we were trying to figure out what to do. Scott suggests we go to the zoo, but then remembers that his zoo pass expired. So we go have lunch at Extraordinary Desserts, then I suggest we go to the Museum of Contemporary Arts downtown. There was a Maya Lin exhibit going on there. We walk around the exhibit and then walked to the exhibit going on across the street. Wandering around, we came to this room that was completely an exhibit of videos taken place in a zoo.

As we was parking I told Scott about my luck with parking. I always find a spot within a block. So I found a spot right in front of the museum. He said his negativity will outdo my positive. We went into the museum store to look around. Scott picked up a children’s book, and on one of the pages, there was a quote that was almost exactly the same as what he had said, “My negative energy will overcome you”.

Scott has creepy psycho powers.

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