For a few weeks Evan (bf) has told me to keep my Saturday May 31st open. He would not tell me why, or where we were going. Finally the day came. I got off of work at 4:30pm. Evan meets me at the salon, we grab food, I go home and get ready, we drive. We first go visit his grandma and mom in Oceanside. His grandma is a funny little lady. Then we drive some more. Driving on the 5 north for, I don’t know how long (I fell asleep). Then we exit South Coast Drive. I have no idea why. We park at South Coast Plaza. Evan says he’s looking for something. So we walk back and forth to different parts on the mall. We got to H&M and then I figure it out. It’s wasn’t something we were looking for, it was someone. Vince, Diana, and Jules. So we shop around for a bit, then the stores were all closing, so we got dinner with the buddies. I still don’t know why we were in orange county. Then we drive some more. We arrive at The Detroit Club and there are balloons out. I said,”It’s not my birthday yet”. Come to find out it was Detroit Club’s 10 year Anniversary. There was a special appearance by a soul singer by the name of Darondo playing that night. He was amazing. Old school dirty sweet soul.

It was an amazing night. Thank you Evan, Vince, Diana, and Jules.

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