The Haitian Body Double Conspiracy

I know this is off topic but in the latest episode of Heroes, there was a scene where Pete Petrelli hits the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) in the forehead with a tray whilst on the run.  It all happened very fast and I wasn’t sure what was actually going on in that scene so I paused it and did a frame by frame.  Ok, so I found out that Peter had managed to pick up a metal tray within the junk whilst running and smacked the Haitian in the head - nothing surprising there…

Skip forward a few frames and you’ll also notice that we can actually see the face of the Haitian’s body double!!  So they brought in a guy to take it in the head for our friend Jimmy.  That would be fine, except for the fact that Jimmy had taken one in the head in the previous episode by Ando (pictured below).

Did Jimmy hurt his head in this episode therefore requiring a body double in the next episode?
Or is Jimmy’s head only hard at the back and not at the front?
Are there guys out there who specialise in being only hit in the front side of their head?
Yes, some important things to ponder…

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